About us

Fleaty’s service is a platform for order and delivery of building material. We connect clients that want to order building material (e.g construction company), transportation company and reseller of the material.

The client get their material delivered the same day, with only a couple of buttons via Fleaty mobile application. Clients can easily book transports and follow the from pickup to billing. Hauliers get access to an exclusive marketplace for transport jobs, which leads to fewer empty trucks and less administrative work as each driver can accept their jobs directly in the mobile.

The main goal of Fleaty is to reduce the large number of empty truck runs that take place today around the world and thus benefit out environment. At the same time, we want to contribute to increased profitability of hauliers, construction- and other industry companies.

Fleaty is a buildtech company with the goal of optimizing and digitizing the transport and construction industry. Construction and transportation industries are very outdated and there is a great lack of innovative and digital solutions that are simple and can make the business more efficient. We belive that the construction industry – though it is Sweden’s largest industry, is also one of the most sterile industries.

The task of Fleaty is to find and realize innovative digital solutions for the construction industry through research and analysis.

Fleatys tre grundare

Team Fleaty

Robin Granholm

Robin Granholm

CSO & Co-founder
Fleatys VD Filip Stamenkovic

Filip Stamenkovic

CEO & Founder
Nikola Markovic

Nikola Markovic

CPO & Co-founder
vladimir nikic

Vladimir Nikic

Business Engineer
Maria Rastenberger

Maria Rastenberger

Ira miglis accountant

Ira Miglis

Teodora Milovancevic

Teodora Milovancevic