Smoother transport with new app

Smoother transport with new app

Behind the app Fleaty is Filip Stamenkovic, who is also CEO of the family company Lestra, which is active in the field of land and works. The original idea came during a holiday trip to San Francisco, where it turned out to be much easier to get an Uber compared to a regular taxi. The idea of a similar service for construction transports was then born.

“At home in Sweden, the idea gained new life during the summer when I jumped in for our transport manager. I thought there must be better ways of handling transport. First you should get a car and then get hold of the material, says Filip Stamenkovic.

Available on the App Store

After eight months of development work, Fleaty is now out on the App Store and Google Play. As a haulage company, you download the app and apply to join. Thereafter, a background check is made to ensure that the company has a commercial licence, that the drivers have professional competence certificates (YKB) and that the trucks are environmentally certified. After approval, they will be visible in the app.

– As a requester, you only enter what you want delivered and where. The app then calculates both which depot and which truck is closest for the transport to be as efficient as possible, says Filip Stamenkovic.

The haulage company enters its price for the shipment and Fleaty charges a royalty fee for the deal.

“Joining the app does not cost anything,” says Filip Stamenkovic.

Want to expand the concept

Other apps for construction transport are already available on the market, such as Hauly. But there are differences between the products, says Filip Stamenkovic.

– Hauly enables the client to book a freight from point A to point B, while Fleaty also learns the closest place to fetch the material.

Fleaty targets the transportation of gravel products, but the idea is to extend the concept to other types of construction transports. It also wants to expand the geographic area.

“We start with Stockholm, but we focus on growing and establishing ourselves in several cities,” says Filip Stamenkovic. Anders Siljevall Reporter Construction Industryanders@byggindustrin.se00