How does it work

Transportation company

With Fleaty, you will connect your fleet of trucks to a platform that will simplify the way you receive inquiries and help your organization to be more effective.

By completely digitalizing the process. The driver should not have to worry about the routes, communication nor the invoicing process – that is our job, to help you focus on your core business, which is supplying competent truck and truck drivers.

By simply switching your status from inactive to active, the driver will make herself available for inquiries from clients and be able to bid on drives that suites her the best.

Fleaty will help you find and connect to the nearest material supplier that has the requested material

After the material has been loaded onto her truck, the only thing she need to do is upload a picture of the receipt and continue on to her delivery address.

When everything is set and done, the driver and/or company will be able to overview the earnings and get it paid out weekly, while not having to think about invoices from the material supplier or recycling center – that is our job.